3 things you should know about BlackDaddyGang. 

1. Our mission is to encourage, support, and challenge each other to be better fathers. 

2. Black. Daddy. Gang. You have 3 words with negative connotations combined for a positive cause. BLACK because of skin. Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a DADDY. GANG is a group of likeminded individuals coming together towards a common goal…. The children.

3.  Our motto is M.B.O.E. which means My Babies Over EVERYTHING. We can be reached at BlackDaddyGang@gmail.com

Good Fathers..  Where You At?? 

If you ran a business and it was in the “RED” that would mean that your business was failing. What if your business was to make sure that your offspring were cared for, nurtured, and brought up with love and understanding?? Make it your business. And make sure it’s in the “BLACK”…